Refund and Cancellation Policies

SwipeUpAssignment Policies regarding Money-back Guarantee/Refund

The supplier shall deliver the product on a regular basis and in accordance with the specifications specified by the customer with in order. The consumer is entitled to a partial or full refund in accordance with our policy should the company fail to uphold any of its obligations.

The supplier shall deliver the product on a regular basis and in accordance with the specifications specified by the customer with in order. The consumer is entitled to a partial or full refund in accordance with our policy should the company fail to uphold any of its obligations.

Case of Cancellation by Customer/ Partial Delivery / No Delivery

  • No Expert Assigned: Although it's uncommon, this situation does occasionally arise. The refund is always 100% of the purchase price. The consumer need not be concerned if such an event does take place because they will be informed as promptly as possible.
  • You made the decision to cancel the purchase even though the teacher had been confirmed and less thany half the deadline had passed. In this instance, the return amount ranges from 100% to 75% to account for the corporate and tutor's efforts to give you with both the purchased goods and services.
  • Even though the instructor was booked and more than half of the timeline remained, the customer nevertheless chose to cancel the transaction. The amount of such refund may range from 50% to 0% to reflect the tutor's and business's efforts to fulfil your order request.
  • Late Delivery: This only occurs in the event of the tutor becoming ill or other exigencies. If there are delays, the customer has the option to ask for a refund—BUT Unless the CUSTOMER Has Still not DOWNLOADED THE TUTOR'S SUBMITTED WORK. If the student downloads the tutor's work, they forfeit their right to a refund and are assumed to have utilised it.
  • All orders will be delivered on time, it is assured. The customer's uploading of necessary materials too late might occasionally cause delays. There can be no reimbursement in this case. Because of this, it is always best to give all relevant information about the assignment at once, along with any supplementary sources that will be needed.

Transaction/Duplicate Order

  • Duplicate Order Accidently: In order to cancel an order placed by mistake in duplicate, you need to contact the company within 24 hours for the duplicate order and request for a refund. If the order is found to be duplicate and was ordered unintentionally, 100% refund will be issued
  • Duplicate Transaction Accidently: In case extra/duplicate payment is processed against the same order for which payment has already been done earlier, the same will be 100% refunded on filing a request

You are not Eligible for Refund in case:

  • Getting lower grades: Please remember that grades are NOT guaranteed. The articles that we offer are intended simply as rough draught examples or as a point of reference; they are not complete and should not be presented as one's own work.
  • Changes in deadline: Because the end deadlines are distinct, the refunds for delays described above and the recompilation of the cost do not apply in situations where the deadline has changed.
  • Orders including editing, proofreading, and formatting: Please be aware that the data in your order for the aforementioned services was originally produced by you and might contain context errors. Editing and formatting are solely used for more detailed changes and feedback pertaining to spelling, formatting, content knowledge, flow, grammar, and/or other comparable elements. They do not result in a major modification to the actual document.
  • Documentation procedure and proof: In the event that the Customer fails to comply with the procedures and deadlines set forth in Section 5 for legal complaints, refund requests, and complaints

Refund and Response Processing Timelines And Process

Due to the subjective nature of the task, a customer's assessment of the quality of the task and delivery can differ first from tutor's. To be entitled for a refund in these circumstances, the client must submit each and every claims, grievances, or refund requests in accordance with the prescriptions below:

  • Give the request's evaluation and decision-making a minimum of 7 days of work.
  • All claims, complaints, and refund requests must be made using the customer's online account and supported by the necessary documentation, in accordance with this policy's and also the terms of service.
  • Give customers a minimum of 7 days of work to receive refunds after the organization has informed them of the decision.

Work is Not Relative

  • The business offers specialized work that is created to meet the needs of the client. The customer is given a draught of the initial work, which will be developed further based on their comments.
  • Disputed claims: If a client requests a refund but is dissatisfied with the work's quality and requirements, the business is required to address the client's complaints and make the necessary corrections. The customer may seek a correction up to 30/45/60 days after the initial submission date, depending on the plan they choose. Within seven days after receiving the service, the client has the option to demand a refund by presenting pertinent documentation if they are still unsatisfied. The investigation's findings, which heavily rely on the case's circumstances and the customer's supporting documentation, will determine whether the refund request is accepted or rejected.
  • Plagiarized content: When there is a complaint that the instructor's work is plagiarised, the customer must give a third-party verified report within 72 hours of obtaining the allegedly plagiarised work. If the claim is verified, the consumer will receive a complete refund.