Reason to Choose Canada for Higher Education

Mon, 10 Oct 2022 11:43:15 GMT

There are so many best universities in the world and Canada University is counted as one of the most affordable universities. Students prefer flexible housing options and the environment, as well as education facilities, should be good as compared to others, unique curriculum, and further employment opportunities. The location provides both undergraduate and postgraduate programs which ensures that students must have ample choice in multiple programs and courses.


Why Canada is better than others?


·       Focus on skill development -

Education should not only be based on class learning it is all about how we implement our learning in the real world. Canada is having a system called cooperative work which provides opportunities related to work to the students in their relevant sectors. For example, if a student is doing engineering he/she will get the opportunity of working in an engineering company during their studies. The system co-op is for 4 months a year. So, if a student is having 4-year degree program, the student can get Canadian work experience during their studies.

·       Excellence in academics -

Education streams are spread on a broad basis. All the plans from different education fields are provided in Universities and colleges such as engineering, healthcare, agriculture, accounting, economics, or any other stream. You will find excellent education programs in Canada.

·       Earning while learning -

In Canada University students have the privilege to work part-time for their financial needs. They also have the opportunity to apply for post-study work of 3 years depending on the program duration.

·       Safe and peaceful quality of life -

 In 2018, Canada was graded as one of the perfect countries across the world on the index of global peace. Students of other countries also have the same rights and quality of life as any other Canadian. Canada has good quality health care facilities, education facilities, infrastructure, etc.

·       Immigration opportunities -

Students of other countries spend more time in Canada. They learn a lot about Canadian culture while studying. After completing their bachelor’s and master’s if they want to be permanent citizen of Canada IRCC provide them a platform to do so.


Why Canada universities/colleges are better?


·       Canadian Universities are considered one of the best universities in the world because of their higher education quality. Top Canadian Universities provide both undergraduate and postgraduate programs which ensure that students must have ample choice in multiple programs and courses for international students as well.

·       The teachers and staff of Canada University are very experienced in their fields. There are some best Canadian universities such as the University of Toronto, Western University Canada, and many more.

·       Canada University is counted as one of the most affordable Universities. As tuition fees in Canada are fairly cheaper as compared to other universities. Canadian Universities provide working while studying facilities as they provide 20 hours per week to the students.




15 best Canadian universities/colleges (According to international ranking 2022) -


1.     University of Toronto

2.     University of British Columbia

3.     McGill University

4.     McMaster University

5.     University of Alberta

6.     University of Montreal

7.     University of Calgary

8.     University of Ottawa

9.     University of Waterloo

10.  Western University Canada

11.  Simon Fraser University

12.  Dalhousie university

13.  University of Victoria

14.  Laval University

15.  University of Manitoba


Some other best global universities/colleges in the world -


1.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

2.     University of Cambridge

3.     Stanford University

4.     University of Oxford

5.     Harvard University

6.     California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

7.     Imperial College London

8.     UCL

9.     ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

10.  University of Chicago