Latest PowerPoint Hacks For Creative Presentation

Tue, 27 Feb 2024 07:13:33 GMT

Are you tired of making boring PowerPoint presentations for your assignments? Do you wish to be more creative in your work but are unsure how to do that? If the answers to these questions are yes and yes, we have your back. 

Read this guide to find the latest PowerPoint hacks for making a creative presentation. Implementing these will not only impress your tutor and peers but will also help you score high grades. 

1. Design later, write first. 

Designing comes second. What comes first is your content - what you will write in your presentation. Thus, when you start working on your presentation, your primary step is to write down everything. You can do this on a Word document, notes, or post-it - whichever you feel comfortable with. 

Read your assignment brief carefully. Based on the assignment requirements and the assignment rubrics, start making notes. You can use the reading material or any previous notes for this. Once you’re ready, it’s time to design. 

2. Always embed the font. 

Fonts are a crucial part of your presentation. Several experiments have demonstrated the ways in which different fonts can make a certain message less or more appealing and trustworthy to your audience. 

Additionally, if yours is a group presentation and you are required to share a deck with a group member who does not have all the fonts you used in the document, it will be problematic. 

Thus, it is best to embed your fonts. You can do this by clicking File, then Options. Here, go to the Save menu and tick “Embed fonts in the file.” Alternatively, you can save and share the PDF version of this presentation. 

But remember, if your final submission requirement is a PowerPoint presentation, do not share a PDF with your tutor or it may leave you with negative markings. 

3. Select two different objects or bodies of text. 

This is the best tip so far for selecting text. When you hold down the Ctrl key as you highlight text, you will be able to select two separate sections simultaneously. In fact, you can utilize this tip to edit text fast, to bold or underline some phrases or words, and even to choose a different color for a series of words that are not in the same sequence. 

This hack is applicable to the selection of all objects, including images and geometric shapes so feel free to experiment. 

4. Add audio to your PowerPoint slide. 

When you learn this hack, you will become way more creative with your presentations. In order to add audio, click on the Insert tab. Here, choose Audio, then Audio Online, and Browse your computer for the file/ Audio on my PC. 

Select Play in Background so the application knows to play in the background when you present your work. However, if you want, you can play the audio only when you click on a specific slide. 

You can either use white noise like forest sounds or waves or music. Remember, this feature works only when you are in presentation mode. So in editing mode, you just get to add it. To get back to the presentation, use the letter you utilized earlier.

5. Want to get more creative? Time to draw!

While presenting your work in the class in the Slide show view, you can draw arrows, underline, circle, and make marks on slides to place more emphasis on certain points or to demonstrate connections. You didn’t know that, right?

Click Ctrl+P. This will make your cursor turn into a pen and enable you to draw any shape, highlight, or underline a region on the slide. 

We highly recommend against using this to write - it can be tricky and become illegible. 

In order to stop using the tool, you have to simply click Ctrl+A. 

6. Bring everyone’s attention back to your presentation. 

While other hacks are ideal for designing or making your presentation look more appealing, this hack helps you make sense of all that effort you put in. If your audience is not paying attention, what’s the point?

According to a study, the average human attention span was 8.25 seconds in 2015 from 12 seconds in 2000. And we all know it when we lose our audience’s attention. 

The best way to get it back? Turn your screen black or white. 

This is even useful when you wish to place more emphasis on a particular idea or have a debate. 

All you need to do is press the B key on your keyboard to turn the screen black and the W key to turn it to white. 

The Bottom Line 

Now that you know the most recent PowerPoint hacks, you are ready to make a presentation that drops all those jaws. Nonetheless, if you still feel like you need help regarding the presentation, SwipeUp Assignments is here for you. Our team of experts will be available 24*7 to assist you with any problem you face. Do not hesitate to seek help!